The Annual Cleland ride

Each year, Geoff Apps travels down from Scotland to revisit the Chiltern Hills, the locality where Cleland designs were first conceived in the early 1960s, many prototypes tested and finally produced. During the 1980s & 90s, a regular ride used to begin in Wendover on the first Sunday of every month, usually led by Geoff, often on one of his ‘latest’ concept machines. These rides continue to this day, and are now run annually, instead of monthly, on the first Sunday in December.

dsc01087s_472This is a completely informal event, with no need to register, or anything like that. Just turn up with your mountain bike, or Cleland, or home-brewed lash-up, with an open mind and not too competitive a spirit.

This year’s ride will be on:

Sunday 1st December 2019

We meet at the Wendover Library car park at around 10am, and then go round the corner to Crumb’s Cafe and sandwich bar near the Clock Tower at the bottom of the High Street, for about 10:30, where we gird our loins with something to sustain us, and usually set off around 11am.

The pace is generally quite slow, although the going can sometimes be quite challenging, involving lots of mud and as many bumps as we can find. One or more of the stops may involve messing around on an impromptu ‘trials section’, another could be for lunch at one of the hilltop pubs.

We should reach the Cafe in the Woods, at the top of Wendover Woods between 4 & 5pm. After this we descend to Wendover in dark, where we roll into the car park behind the Red Lion about 6pm, where we enjoy a brew, a fag and discuss mud under the outdoor heaters.

Travelling down from Scotland for a ride in December, with so few daylight hours, does not seem to be very sensible for Geoff. Plans are afoot for an additional similar annual ride based on Wendover, probably in May or June each year. Details will follow.

Have a go on a Cleland

Geoff is always out and about around the Scottish Borders, just make contact if you’d like to join him and get a go on a Cleland.


Additionally, details of any ad-hoc rides taking place will be posted on this page ~ email Geoff on geoff@cleland-cycles.co.uk for further information.

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3 Responses to Rides

  1. Paul Joseph says:

    I remember the wendover “Jaunts” well, a gentle ride usually into the chilterns a stop at a pub for lunch and a jaunt back to the car park (usually with me falling off at least once after the pub visit). I remember trying the “Dingbat” and one of the other clelands, great for english country mud

    • grahamwallace says:

      Hi Paul,

      You may like to join Geoff and I on one of our reunion rides. These are just the same as the old rides with great pub stops, top quality mud, lots of bike chat and even the occasional ridden section between pub and teashops. There is the annual reunion ride each December and possibly a ride next summer to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Wendover Bash of 1984.
      Best wishes,
      Graham Wallace,

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