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 1 9 8 3   C l e l a n d     A v e n t u r a

an off-road bicycle, not a ‘mountain bike’

(in the same way a Trials motorbike is not a Motocross motorbike)


The original Aventura was conceived before mountain bikes appeared in the UK, and this site tells the story of how the design evolved.

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It was designed to ride efficiently and reliably cross-country in the UK, in all weather conditions. It looks different to a ‘typical’ mountain bike, mainly because it follows function before form; both do similar things, but in slightly different ways.

For a closer look at any of the illustrations (like the one above), cursor over the image and left-click, left-click again to get a magnifier.

There are loads more photos on the Flickr photostream. Some of these have technical information, anecdotes, ideas etc in the notes underneath, just double-click any image to read them.

The Cleland concept is not a design consigned to history; the latest prototype is currently being designed and built. You can follow the process here.

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